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Annette Vistven

Annette Vistven

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Scientific publications

Alnes, Sigrid Ryeng; Lærum-Onsager, Ellisiv; Bye, Asta; Vistven, Annette; Franzèn, Erika; Holst, Mette; Brovold, Therese (2023). Mobile health technology, exercise adherence and optimal nutrition post rehabilitation among people with Parkinson’s Disease (mHEXANUT) – a randomized controlled trial protocol. BMC Neurology .

Vistven, Annette; Groven, Karen Synne (2021). Experiences of an intensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation for people with early-stage Parkinson's disease. European Journal of Physiotherapy .

Upsahl, Kristoffer; Vistven, Annette Faber; Bergland, Astrid; Chen, Weiqin (2018). A mobile app supporting exercise adherence for people with Parkinson's disease. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) . Vol. 10897 LNCS.

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