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Barbara Astrid Zarate Tenorio

Barbara Astrid Zarate Tenorio

Scientific publications

Altamirano, Melina; Zarate Tenorio, Barbara Astrid (2022). Trade Unions, Labor Market Dualization, and Investment in Early Childhood Education and Care in Latin America. Garritzmann, Julian L.; Häusermann, Silja; Palier, Bruno (Ed.). The World Politics of Social Investment: Volume I Welfare States in the Knowledge Economy. 11. Oxford University Press.

Zarate Tenorio, Barbara Astrid (2021). State-targeted Grievances and Resources: Protest Participation During Economic Downturns in Latin America. Governance. An International Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions . Vol. 34.

Skrede Gleditsch, Kristian; Rivera, Mauricio; Zarate Tenorio, Barbara Astrid (2021). Can Education Reduce Violent Crime? Evidence from Mexico before and after the Drug War Onset. Journal of Development Studies .

Rivera, Mauricio; Zarate Tenorio, Barbara Astrid (2016). Beyond Sticks and Stones: Human Capital Enhancement Efforts in Response to Violent Crime in Latin America. European Journal of Political Research . Vol. 55.

Zarate Tenorio, Barbara Astrid (2014). Social Spending Responses to Organized Labor and Mass Protests in Latin America, 1970-2007. Comparative Political Studies . Vol. 47.

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