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Wenche Bjorbækmo

Wenche Bjorbækmo

Research projects

Scientific publications

Blixt, Line; Solbrække, Kari Nyheim; Bjorbækmo, Wenche (2022). Embodying Digital Spaces in a Clinical Encounter: A postphenomenological Analysis. Phenomenology & Practice . Vol. 17.

Bjorbækmo, Wenche; Mengshoel, Anne Marit (2022). A critical phenomenological investigation in the use of touch as “know how” in practical physiotherapy in primary care with children and adults. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences .

Bjorbækmo, Wenche; Greve, Anne; Asbjørnslett, Mona (2022). “This is Not Me” – A Critical Discussion About Methodological Issues Concerning Agency and Participatory Sense-Making in Qualitative Research with Children. International Journal of Qualitative Methods (IJQM) . Vol. 21.

Bjorbækmo, Wenche Schrøder; Mengshoel, Anne Marit; Robinson, Hilde Stendal (2022). Bridging troubled water - exploring improvement and patients' experiences using patient-reported outcome measures in physiotherapy: A mixed-method study. 9 p. Health Science Reports . Vol. 5.

Krabbe, Silje Helen; Mengshoel, Anne Marit; Bjorbærkmo, Wenche Schrøder; Sveen, Unni; Groven, Karen Synne (2022). Bodies in lockdown: Young women's narratives of falling severely ill with ME/CFS during childhood and adolescence. Health Care for Women International .

Borgen, Jorunn Spord; Rugseth, Gro; Bjorbærkmo, Wenche Schrøder (2021). ‘Children at Risk’ in Public Health Policy: What Is at Risk?. Ødegaard, Elin Eriksen; Borgen, Jorunn Spord (Ed.). Childhood Cultures in Transformation 30 Years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Action towards Sustainability. Chapter 9. p. 178-196. Brill|Sense.

Blixt, Line; Solbrække, Kari Nyheim; Bjorbærkmo, Wenche Schrøder (2020). Becoming data. Patient perspectives on using an eTool in physiotherapy sessions. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice .

Engebretsen, Liv Karin Mohn; Bjorbærkmo, Wenche Schrøder (2020). Out of chaos—meaning arises: The lived experience of re-habituating the habitual body when suffering from burnout. Qualitative Health Research . Vol. 30.

Ingskog, Wibeche; Bjorbærkmo, Wenche Schrøder (2020). The ambiguity of preparing and being prepared for a patient consultation. Communication & Medicine. An Interdisciplinary Journal of Healthcare, Ethics and Society . Vol. 15.

Engebretsen, Liv Karin Mohn; Bjorbærkmo, Wenche Schrøder (2019). Burned out or "just" depressed? An existential phenomenological exploration of burnout. Journal of Evaluation In Clinical Practice .

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