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Eric Breit

Eric Breit

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Public and private administration

Subject areas

Public administration   Leadership and organizational theory   Institutional theory   Corruption   Communication and Meaning   Warship sociotechnical systems   NAV reformen   Organisational identity

Research projects

Scientific publications

Andreassen, Tone Alm; Breit, Eric; Saltkjel, Therese (2020). Research approaches to networked employment services: A systematic review. Social Policy & Administration.

Horbach, Serge; Breit, Eric; Halffman, Willem; Mamelund, Svenn-Erik (2020). On the willingness to and consequences of reporting research misconduct: The role of power relations. 30 p. Science and Engineering Ethics . Vol. 26.

Breit, Eric; Egeland, Cathrine; Løberg, Ida Bring (2019). Cyborg bureaucracy: Frontline work in digitalized labor and welfare services. Pedersen, John S.; Wilkinson, Adrian (Ed.). Big Data: Promise, Application and Pitfalls. Kapittel 8. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Breit, Eric; Fossestøl, Knut; Pedersen, Eirin (2019). Kunnskapsbasert praksis innenfor en samstyringsmodell En analyse av satsingen «Praksis- og kunnskapsutvikling i Nav-kontor». Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning . Vol. 22.

Breit, Eric (2019). Digitalisering. Bay, Ann-Helén; Hatland, Aksel; Hellevik, Tale; Terum, Lars Inge (Ed.). Trygd i aktiveringens tid. Kapittel 16. p. 311-324. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Horbach, Serge; Breit, Eric; Mamelund, Svenn-Erik (2019). Organisational responses to alleged scientific misconduct: Sensemaking, sensegiving and sensehiding. Science and Public Policy . Vol. 46.

Breit, Eric; Fossestøl, Knut; Pedersen, Eirin (2018). A knowledge hierarchy in labour and welfare services? Evidence-based and practice-based knowledge in frontline service innovation. International Social Security Review . Vol. 71.

Breit, Eric; Fossestøl, Knut; Andreassen, Tone Alm (2017). From pure to hybrid professionalism in post-NPM activation reform: The institutional work of frontline managers. Journal of Professions and Organization . Vol. 5.

Breit, Eric; Andreassen, Tone Alm; Salomon, Robert H (2016). Modification of public policies by street-level organisations: An institutional work perspective. Journal of Social Policy . Vol. 45.

Fossestøl, Knut; Breit, Eric; Borg, Elin (2016). Hvorfor lykkes ikke NAV-kontorene med å jobbe mer arbeidsrettet?. Søkelys på arbeidslivet . Vol. 33.

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