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Hestmark, Lars; Romøren, Maria; Heiervang, Kristin S.; Weimand, Bente; Ruud, Torleif; Norvoll, Reidun; Hansson, Kristiane Myckland; Norheim, Irene; Aas, Eline; Landeweer, Elisabeth Geke Marjan; Pedersen, Reidar (2020). Implementation of guidelines on family involvement for persons with psychotic disorders in community mental health centres (IFIP): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. BMC Health Services Research .

Gladstone, Brenda; Exenberger, Silvia; Weimand, Bente; Lui, Vincci; Geretsegger, Monika (2020). The Capability Approach in Research about Children and Childhood: a Scoping Review. Child Indicators Research .

Allchin, Becca; O'Hanlon, Brendan; Weimand, Bente; Boyer, Fran; Cripps, Georgia; Gill, Lisa; Paysley, Brooke; Pietsch, Sian; Wynne, Brad; Goodyear, Melinda (2020). An explanatory model of factors enabling sustainability of let’s talk in an adult mental health service: a participatory case study. 16 p. International Journal of Mental Health Systems . Vol. 14.

Allchin, Becca; Weimand, Bente; O'Hanlon, Brendan; Goodyear, Melinda (2020). Continued capacity: factors of importance for organisations to support continued Let’s Talk practice – a mixed methods Study. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing .

Kallander, Ellen Katrine; Weimand, Bente; Hanssen-Bauer, Ketil; Van Roy, Betty; Ruud, Torleif (2020). Factors associated with quality of life for children affected by parental illness or substance abuse. 15 p. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences .

Falkov, Adrian; Grant, Anne; Hoadley, Benjamin; Donaghy, Mary; Weimand, Bente (2020). The Family Model: a brief intervention for clinicians in adult mental health services working with parents experiencing mental health problems. Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry (Print). Vol. 54.

Allchin, Becca; O'Hanlon, Brendan; Weimand, Bente; Goodyear, Melinda (2020). Practitioners’ application of Let’s Talk about Children intervention in adult mental health services. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing .

Allchin, Becca; Goodyear, Melinda; O'Hanlon, Brendan; Weimand, Bente (2020). Leadership perspectives on key elements influencing implementing a family focused intervention in mental health services. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing .

Weimand, Bente; Birkeland, Bente; Ruud, Torleif; Høie, Magnhild (2020). “It’s like being stuck on an unsafe and unpredictable rollercoaster” : Experiencing substance use problems in a partner. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs . Vol. 37.

Mokhtari, Mohammad Reza; Alavi, Mousa; Pahlavanzadeh, Saeid; Weimand, Bente; Visentin, Denis; Cleary, Michelle (2019). Comparison of the effectiveness of a 12 step substance use recovery program on quality of life. Nursing and Health Sciences .

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