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Daniel Thilo Schroeder

Daniel Thilo Schroeder


Dr. Daniel Thilo Schroeder, residing in Oslo, is a Research Scientist and Associate Professor specializing in big data analytics, complex networks, and digital communication. He is a member of the Smart Data group at SINTEF, contributing to the development of sustainable platforms for processing extreme data and building high-quality, FAIR-compliant datasets that fortify the effectiveness of AI applications. In his position as Associate Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, Dr. Schroeder explores the influence of digital communication on conflict development and mediation in sub-Saharan Africa. During his postdoc at the Simula Research Laboratory, he engaged in pivotal work to expand the application of deep learning to unstructured data through the development of computational frameworks. Earning his Ph.D. from the Technical University of Berlin, Dr. Schroeder has been involved in multiple projects centered around understanding and mitigating the rapid spread of online misinformation.

Publications and research

Scientific publications

Langedal, Kenneth; Langguth, Johannes; Manne, Fredrik; Schröder, Daniel Thilo (2022). Efficient Minimum Weight Vertex Cover Heuristics Using Graph Neural Networks. Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics.

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