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Dominique Kost

Dominique Kost

Scientific publications

Wong, Sut I; Fieseler, Christian; Kost, Dominique (2020). Digital labourers’ proactivity and the venture for meaningful work: Fruitful or fruitless?. 25 p. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology .

Kost, Dominique; Fieseler, Christian; Wong, Sut I (2019). Boundaryless careers in the gig economy: An oxymoron?. Human Resource Management Journal . Vol. 30.

Kost, Dominique; Fieseler, Christian; Wong, Sut I (2018). Finding Meaning in a Hopeless Place? The Construction of Meaningfulness in Digital Microwork. Computers in Human Behavior . Vol. 82.

Kost, Dominique; Hærem, Thorvald (2016). Transactive Memory Systems [TMS] in virtual teams: The effect of integration and differentiation on performance. Academy of Management. Annual Meeting Proceedings .

Valaker, Sigmund; Yanakiev, Yantsislav; Lofquist, Eric; Kost, Dominique (2016). The Influence of Predeployment Training on Coordination in Multinational Headquarters:The Moderating Role of Organizational Obstacles to Information Sharing. Military Psychology . Vol. 28.

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