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Dominique Kost

Dominique Kost


Dominique Kost is associate professor for organizational behaviour and leadership. She received her PhD in organisational behaviour and leadership at BI Norwegian Business School in 2016. Before starting her doctoral studies, she worked as a consultant within the educational and human resource industry, in Amsterdam and Munich.

Dominique’s research interests include:
• Telework and Home office
• Relationships among employees
• Communication processes in virtual teams
• Digital labour

Her doctoral research focused on performance and knowledge coordination in virtual teams. In addition to studying virtual team processes, her current research addresses how relationships in among employees develop and change in the digital/ virtual workplace. Dominique has published in top tier journals such as Human Resource Management Journal, Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, and Computers in Human Behavior. She regularly presents her ongoing research in international academic conferences such as Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Work Family Researchers Network (WFRN) and Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW).

Scientific publications

Wong, Sut I; Kost, Dominique; Fieseler, Christian (2021). From crafting what you do to building resilience for career commitment in the gig economy. Human Resource Management Journal .

Wong, Sut I; Fieseler, Christian; Kost, Dominique (2020). Digital labourers’ proactivity and the venture for meaningful work: Fruitful or fruitless?. 25 p. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology .

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Kost, Dominique; Fieseler, Christian; Wong, Sut I (2018). Finding Meaning in a Hopeless Place? The Construction of Meaningfulness in Digital Microwork. Computers in Human Behavior . Vol. 82.

Kost, Dominique; Hærem, Thorvald (2016). Transactive Memory Systems [TMS] in virtual teams: The effect of integration and differentiation on performance. Academy of Management Proceedings .

Valaker, Sigmund; Yanakiev, Yantsislav; Lofquist, Eric; Kost, Dominique (2016). The Influence of Predeployment Training on Coordination in Multinational Headquarters:The Moderating Role of Organizational Obstacles to Information Sharing. Military Psychology . Vol. 28.

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