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Erlend Eide Bø

Erlend Eide Bø

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Subject areas

Economics of Taxation   Housing economics

Scientific publications

Bø, Erlend Eide (2021). Buy to let housing investors in the Nordic countries. Nordic Economic Policy Review .

Bø, Erlend Eide (2019). Taxation of Housing: Killing Several Birds with One Stone. The Review of Income and Wealth . Vol. 66.

Bø, Erlend Eide; Halvorsen, Elin; Thoresen, Thor Olav (2019). Heterogeneity of the Carnegie Effect. The Journal of human resources . Vol. 54.

Bø, Erlend Eide (2018). Housing match quality and demand: What can we learn from comparing buyer characteristics?. Journal of Housing Economics . Vol. 41.

Bø, Erlend Eide; Slemrod, Joel; Thoresen, Thor Olav (2015). Taxes on the internet: Deterrence effects of public disclosure. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy . Vol. 7.

Thoresen, Thor Olav; Bø, Erlend Eide; Fjærli, Erik; Halvorsen, Elin (2012). A Suggestion for Evaluating the Redistributional Effects of Tax Changes: With an Application to the 2006 Norwegian Tax Reform. Public Finance Review . Vol. 40.

Thoresen, Thor Olav; Bø, Erlend Eide; Fjærli, Erik; Halvorsen, Elin (2012). Distributional effects of the Norwegian tax reform of 2006. Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning . Vol. 53.

Bø, Erlend Eide; Lambert, Peter J.; Thoresen, Thor Olav (2012). Horizontal inequity under a dual income tax system: principles and measurement. International Tax and Public Finance . Vol. 19.

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