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Fiona Aanesen

Fiona Aanesen

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  • MI-NAV

    Can motivational interviewing facilitate return-to-work in sicklisted people with musculoskeletal disorders?

Scientific publications

Aanesen, Fiona; Øiestad, Britt Elin; Grotle, Margreth; Løchting, Ida; Solli, Rune; Sowden, Gail; Wynne-Jones, Gwenllian; Storheim, Kjersti; Eik, Hedda (2021). Implementing a Stratified Vocational Advice Intervention for People on Sick Leave with Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Multimethod Process Evaluation. Journal of occupational rehabilitation .

Løchting, Ida; Hagen, Roger; Monsen, Christine K.; Grotle, Margreth; Storheim, Kjersti; Aanesen, Fiona; Øiestad, Britt Elin; Eik, Hedda; Bagøien, Gunnhild (2021). Fidelity of a motivational interviewing intervention for improving return to work for people with musculoskeletal disorders. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) . Vol. 18.

Øiestad, Britt Elin; Aanesen, Fiona; Løchting, Ida; Storheim, Kjersti; Tingulstad, Alexander; Rysstad, Tarjei Langseth; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova; Tveter, Anne Therese; Sowden, Gail; Wynne-Jones, Gwenllian; Fors, Egil Andreas; Van Tulder, Maurits; Berg, Rigmor; Foster, Nadine E.; Grotle, Margreth (2020). Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of adding motivational interviewing or stratified vocational advice intervention to usual case management on return to work for people with musculoskeletal disorders. The MI-NAV study. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders . Vol. 21.

Tveter, Anne Therese; Øiestad, Britt Elin; Rysstad, Tarjei Langseth; Aanesen, Fiona; Tingulstad, Alexander; Småstuen, Milada Cvancarova; Grotle, Margreth (2020). Risk assessment for prolonged sickness absence due to musculoskeletal disorders: Protocol for a prospective cohort study. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders . Vol. 21.

Aanesen, Fiona; Berg, Rigmor; Løchting, Ida; Tingulstad, Alexander; Eik, Hedda; Storheim, Kjersti; Grotle, Margreth; Øiestad, Britt Elin (2020). Motivational interviewing and return to work for people with musculoskeletal disorders: A systematic mapping review. Journal of occupational rehabilitation .

Aanesen, Fiona; Meland, Eivind; Torp, Steffen (2017). Gender differences in subjective health complaints in adolescence: The roles of self-esteem, stress from schoolwork and body dissatisfaction. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health . Vol. 45.

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