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Flavia Devonas Hoffmann

Flavia Devonas Hoffmann

Scientific publications

Devonas Hoffmann, Flavia (2024). Learning to navigate in the unknown: attuning to affordances in artist visits in schools. Pedagogy, Culture & Society.

Devonas Hoffmann, Flavia ; Karlsen, Kristine Høeg (2022). Choreographic Infrastructuring for Design Things: A New Method for Participatory Design in Teacher Education. Vlachokyriakos, Vasilis (Ed.). Embracing Cosmologies: Expanding Worlds of Participatory Design, Proceedings of the 17th Participatory Design Conference . p. 230-240. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Hoffmann, Flavia Ursula Devonas (2020). Exploring The Body–Landscape Relationship Through Dance Film. Nordic Journal of Dance: practice, education and research. Vol. 11.

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