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Gunilla Brita Maria Eklund

Gunilla Brita Maria Eklund

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Aalbergsjø, Siv Gundrosen; Henriksen, Ellen Karoline; Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria (2023). Fostering research literate science teachers: Science teacher educators’ views on research-based teacher education. Nordic Studies in Science Education .

Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria; Mestad, Idar; Aksland, Charlotte; Jegstad, Kirsti Marie (2022). Research assignments in teacher education - Norwegian undergraduate student teachers' experiences of the writing process. 21 p. Acta Didactica Norden (ADNO) . Vol. 16.

Jusslin, Sofia; Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria (2022). Doing arts-based master’s thesis supervision/writing in teacher education: A new materialist approach to supervision. Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education . Vol. 6.

Sundqvist, Karin; Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria (2021). Home Economic Teachers’ ICT Use in Finland Seen From a Lens of Reciprocal Determinism. International Journal of Home Economics . Vol. 14.

Henriksson, John; Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria; Aspfors, Jessica (2021). A genre shift in disseminating knowledge: Student teachers’ experiences of communicating their master’s theses as popular science. Nordisk tidsskrift for utdanning og praksis . Vol. 15.

Sjöblom, Pia; Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria; Fagerlund, Petra (2021). Student teachers’ views of outdoor education as teaching method. Two cases from Finland and Norway. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning .

Jegstad, Kirsti Marie; Fiskum, Tove Anita; Aspfors, Jessica; Eklund, Gunilla (2021). Dichotomous and Multifaceted: Teacher Educators’ Understanding of Professional Knowledge in Research-based Teacher Education. 15 p. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research . Vol. 66.

Pajchel, Katarina; Jegstad, Kirsti Marie; Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria; Aalbergsjø, Siv Gundrosen; Sollid, Per Øyvind (2021). The role of school placement within research-based teacher education–through the eyes of science mentors. Teachers and Teaching: theory and practice .

Sundqvist, Karin; Korhonen, Johan; Eklund, Gunilla Brita Maria (2020). Finnish subject-teachers’ beliefs and use of information and communication technology in Home Economics. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy . Vol. 15.

Eklund, Gunilla; Sundqvist, Christel; Lindell, Matilda; Toppinen, Heidi (2020). A study of Finnish primary school teachers’ experiences of their role and competences by implementing the three-tiered support. European Journal of Special Needs Education .

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