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Haakon Vennemo

Haakon Vennemo

Scientific publications

Vennemo, Haakon; Furuholmen, Jens; Rosnes, Orvika; Leonid, Andreev (2020). Noen krevende tema i anvendte samfunnsøkonomiske analyser. En undersøkelse av praksis i Statens prosjektmodell. Concept rapport .

Vennemo, Haakon; Aunan, Kristin (2018). Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in China: An Unsustainable Situation in Search of a Solution. Brinkmann, Robert; Garren, Sandra (Ed.). The Palgrave Handbook of Sustainability - Case Studies and Practical Solutions. Chapter 8. p. 139-157. Palgrave Macmillan.

Vennemo, Haakon; Bruvoll, Annegrete (2014). Reform of environmentally harmful subsidies: distributional issues. Oosterhuis, Frans H.; ten Brink, Patrick (Ed.). Paying The Polluter. 12. p. 263-280. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Vennemo, Haakon; He, Jianwu; Li, Shantong (2013). Macroeconomic Impacts of Carbon Capture and Storage in China. Environmental and Resource Economics . Vol. 59.

Vennemo, Haakon; Lindhjem, Henrik; Strøm, Steinar; Heldal, Nic (2013). Samfunnets støtte - en kommentar til NOU 2012:16 Samfunnsøkonomiske analyser. Samfunnsøkonomen .

Aunan, Kristin; Alnes, Line Winther Hansen; Berger, Janne; Dong, Zeqin; Ma, Liying; Staff, Heidi Elisabeth; Vennemo, Haakon; Wang, Shuxiao; Zhan, Wei (2013). Upgrading to cleaner household stoves and reducing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among women in rural China — A cost-benefit analysis. Energy for Sustainable Development . Vol. 17.

Rosnes, Orvika; Vennemo, Haakon (2012). The cost of providing electricity to Africa. Energy Economics . Vol. 34.

Zhang, Daisheng; Aunan, Kristin; Seip, Hans Martin; Larssen, Thorjørn; Vennemo, Haakon; Larssen, Steinar; Feng, Liulei; Wu, Caixia; Xie, Ruikai (2012). Air pollution reduction during China’s 11th Five-Year Plan period—local implementation and achievements in Shanxi province. Environmental Development . Vol. 4.

Zhang, Daisheng; Aunan, Kristin; Seip, Hans Martin; Vennemo, Haakon (2011). The energy intensity target in China's 11th Five-Year Plan period-Local implementation and achievements in Shanxi Province. Energy Policy . Vol. 39.

Vennemo, Haakon; Aunan, Kristin; He, JW; Hu, T; Li, ST (2009). Benefits and costs to China of three different climate treaties. Resource and Energy Economics . Vol. 31.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete