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Hege Tapio

Hege Tapio

Research projects

  • FeLT- Futures of Living Technologies

    From a perspective of ecological crisis, FeLT- Futures of Living Technologies, engages in the relations and intersections that occur between human beings, living environments and machines, relations on the edge of how we experience aliveness today.

Publications and research


Hellstrand, Ingvil Førland; Tapio, Hege; Austrått, Kenneth; Cathrine, Knudsen; Koski, Kaisu (2021). Art, Science and Cocktails: Caring Futures Edition. Innoasis Science and Cocktails. Nordic Edge Expo.

Tapio, Hege (2020). Participant in the panel: "Body Shopping – challenging convention in the donation and use of bodily materials through art practice". TTT2020 Vienna/Online "Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science". University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Tapio, Hege (2020). Online screening of the video-performance "Healing Session".

Tapio, Hege; Bergaust, Kristin; Nichele, Stefano; Christensen-Scheel, Boel; Wettre, Mikkel (2020). FeLT - Futures of Living Technologies, Project Launch Symposium. FeLT - Futures of Living Technologies, Project Launch Symposium. FeLT - Futures of Living Technologies.

Tapio, Hege; Van Dierendonck, Roland (2020). Workshop with NOBA - Norwegian Bioart Arena. WORKSHOP #1 Hunting for nature´s healing powers: soil, flowers and antibiotics. NOBA - Norwegian Bioart Arena.

Tapio, Hege (2020). Presentation of Bioart. Presentation of Bioart for students at Frogn VGS. In collaboration with NOBA - Norwegian Bioart Arena..

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete