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Henrik Wiig

Henrik Wiig


Property rights, Institutions, Gender, Peace Process and Economic Growth in Latin America

Scientific publications

Wiig, Henrik; Garcia Reyes, Paola (2020). Bread or justice - Land restitution and investment in Montes de María, Colombia. Land Use Policy . Vol. 91.

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Berge, Erling; Kambewa, Daimon; Munthali, Alister; Wiig, Henrik (2014). Lineage and land reforms in Malawi: Do matrilineal and patrilineal landholding systems represent a problem for land reforms in Malawi?. Land Use Policy . Vol. 41.

Wiig, Henrik; Øien, Henning (2013). Would Small Be More Beautiful in the South African Land Reform?. Holden, Stein Terje; Otsuka, Keijiro; Deininger, Klaus (Ed.). Land Tenure Reform in Asia and Africa: Assessing Impacts on Poverty and Natural Resource Management. Kap. 4. Palgrave Macmillan.

Wiig, Henrik (2013). Joint titling in rural Peru: impact on women's participation in household decision-making. World Development . Vol. 52.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete