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Heidi Snoen Glomsås

Heidi Snoen Glomsås


Heidi Snoen Glomsås is Associate Professor at the Department of Nursing and Health Promotion. She is currently on leave from this position to do her doctoral study with the working title "User involvement and welfare technology". She teaches and researches topics related to nursing documentation, welfare technology, user participation, innovation and health acts.

In recent years, she has worked on projects related to innovation and practice- studies for undergraduate nursing students.

Research groups

Scientific publications

Glomsås, Heidi Snoen ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Fossum, Mariann; Christiansen, Karin; Halvorsen, Kristin (2022). Family caregivers’ involvement in caring for frail older family members using welfare technology: a qualitative study of home care in transition. 14 p. BMC Geriatrics. Vol. 22.

Glomsås, Heidi Snoen ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Fossum, Mariann; Halvorsen, Kristin (2021). ‘They just came with the medication dispenser’- a qualitative study of elderly service users’ involvement and welfare technology in public home care services. 11 p. BMC Health Services Research. Vol. 21.

Glomsås, Heidi Snoen ; Knutsen, Ingrid Ruud ; Fossum, Mariann; Halvorsen, Kristin (2020). User involvement in the implementation of welfare technology in home care services: The experience of health professionals—A qualitative study. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN). Vol. 29.

Meyer, Mona Elisabeth ; Haukland, Magne ; Glomsås, Heidi Snoen ; Tveiten, Sidsel (2019). Studentassistenter bidro til læring i anatomi, fysiologi og biokjemi. Sykepleien Forskning.

Glomsås, Heidi Snoen ; Tranum, Tonje Sørum; Johannessen, Anne-Kari M. (2019). Piloting a practice model in a Norwegian nursing home- A student-managed ward: A way to empower students for the nursing role. Nurse Education in Practice. Vol. 34.

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