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Ingrid Christensen

Ingrid Christensen


Ingrid Reite Christensen is an associate professor, researcher and lecturer in the fields of inclusion and values in education. She has lead international projects about teachers`psychosocial support for vulnerable children in Palestine, democratic cultures in Norway and Ukraine, inclusion of multicultural youth in Norwegian school, and workplace learning and innovation among valuebased professions (PhD). Her own profession (MA) is special needs education and psychosocial needs with work experience from preschool, elementary school and pedagogical-psychological services. Christensen currently teaches and supervises a variety of topics in teacher education.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

General education   Ethics   Special needs education

Subject areas

Professional learning   Democratic citizenship   Human dignity   Refugee mental health

Scientific publications

El-Khodary, Basel; Christensen, Ingrid; Abou-Dagga, Sanaa; Raji, Shawqi; Lyden, Susan (2021). Palestinian and Norwegian Kindergarten Teachers' Perspectives on Psychosocial Support: A Qualitative Study. Frontiers in Psychology . Vol. 12.

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Biseth, Heidi; Madsen, Janne; Christensen, Ingrid Christine Reite (2018). Student Teachers Promoting Democratic Engagement Using Social Media in Teaching. Nordic Journal of Comparative and International Education (NJCIE) . Vol. 2.

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