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Irina Nikolskaja Roddvik

Irina Nikolskaja Roddvik

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Business   English literature   Philosophy   Russian literature

Subject areas

Marketing   Management control   Entrepreneurial Marketing   International marketing   Sustainable Development Goals

Scientific publications

Leick, Birgit; Gretzinger, Susanne; Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (2023). Creative entrepreneurs and embeddedness in non-urban places: a resource exchange and network embeddedness logic. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research .

Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja; Leick, Birgit; Gundersen, Runar (2023). Entrepreneurial decision-making and the hunt for the “right” internationalisation strategy with a state-owned enterprise. Decision-Making in International Entrepreneurship: Unveiling Cognitive Implications Towards Entrepreneurial Internationalisation. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja; Leick, Birgit (2023). Illusion and Deprivation of Control: Entrepreneurial Practices of SMEs During their Internationalisation in Russia. Jafari-Sadeghi, Vahid; Dana, Leo-Paul (Ed.). International Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets: Contexts, Behaviours, and Successful Entry. Chapter 14. p. 297-315. Routledge.

Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja; Leick, Birgit; Roddvik, Viktor (2022). Norwegian entrepreneurs (1880-1930s) and their “new America”: a historical perspective on transnational entrepreneurship and ecosystem development in the Russian Arctic. Journal of Management History . Vol. 28.

Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (1994). Filosofskiy roman Iris Murdok (A Philosophical Novel by Iris Murdoch). INION RAN.

Roddvik, Irina Nikolskaja (1994). Iris Murdoch i russkaya klassika (Iris Murdoch and the Russian classics) I Nikolskaja. Nauchnyye trudy-MPGU -seriya Sotsial'no-istoricheskiye nauki, 42-55.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete