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Jan Yngve Sand

Jan Yngve Sand

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Business   Economics   Economics

Subject areas

Public Economics   Strategic behaviour   Theory of regulation   Microeconomics

Scientific publications

Clark, Derek John; Nilssen, Tore; Sand, Jan Yngve (2020). Gaining advantage by winning contests. Review of Economic Design. Vol. 24.

Nilssen, Tore; Sand, Jan Yngve; Clark, Derek John (2012). Motivating over Time: Dynamic Win Effects in Sequential Contests. Memorandum from Department of Economics, University of Oslo .

Sand, Jan Yngve (2012). Infrastructure quality regulation. Transport Policy . Vol. 24.

Østbye, Stein; Sand, Jan Yngve; Westerlund, Olle (2011). Management, markets and politics: Statistical screening for historical footprints in Arctic coal mining. Problems and Perspectives in Management .

Sand, Jan Yngve (2011). Tine-saken: Blir det lettere å være dominerende aktør nå?. Samfunnsøkonomen .

Sand, Jan Yngve; Clark, Derek John; Foros, Øystein (2011). Foreclosure in contests. Public Choice . Vol. 148. NFR 172603/V10

Sand, Jan Yngve; Clark, Derek John (2010). Endogenous Technology Sharing in R&D Intensive Industries. Economics . Vol. 4.

Foros, Øystein; Kind, Hans Jarle; Sand, Jan Yngve (2009). Entry may increase network providers' profit. Telecommunications Policy . Vol. 33.

Foros, Øystein; Kind, Hans Jarle; Sand, Jan Yngve (2009). Slotting Allowances and Manufacturers' Retail Sales Effort. Southern Economic Journal . Vol. 76.

Sand, Jan Yngve (2009). Efficiency in complementary partnerships with competition. Managerial and Decision Economics (MDE) . Vol. 30.

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