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Jessica Dimka

Jessica Dimka

Research projects

Scientific publications

Mamelund, Svenn-Erik; Dimka, Jessica (2021). Not the great equalizers: COVID-19, 1918 influenza and the need for a paradigm shift in pandemic preparedness. Population Studies .

Mamelund, Svenn-Erik; Dimka, Jessica (2021). Commentary: Social inequalities in infectious diseases. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health .

Mamelund, Svenn-Erik; Dimka, Jessica; Bakkeli, Nan Zou (2021). Social disparities in adopting non-pharmaceutical interventions during COVID-19. Journal of Developing Societies . Vol. 37.

Dimka, Jessica; Sattenspiel, Lisa (2020). “We didn't get much schooling because we were fishing all the time”: Potential impacts of irregular school attendance on the spread of epidemics. American Journal of Human Biology .

Gutierrez, Helen; Lee, Gwenyth O.; Corozo Angulo, Betty; Dimka, Jessica; Eisenberg, Joseph N.S.; Trostle, James A.; Hardin, Rebecca (2020). Perceptions of local vulnerability and the relative importance of climate change in rural ecuador. Ekologiya Cheloveka .

Dimka, Jessica; Mamelund, Svenn-Erik (2020). 1918 Influenza Outcomes among Institutionalized Norwegian Populations: Implications for Disability-Inclusive Pandemic Preparedness. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research . Vol. 22.

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