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John Holt

John Holt

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Building, construction and transport technology

Subject areas

Learning at work   Experiencial learning   Vocational didactics

Scientific publications

Karstensen, Steinar; Holt, John; Storvik, John Eivind (2016). Learning logs and self-assessment: How to use students learning logs and selfassessment towards learning outcomes as a tool in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) to provide insight and support the students' different learning needs and development of student`s learning strategy?. Livingston, Kay; Macfarlane, Gaele (Ed.). Teacher education through partnerships and collaborative learning communities. Proceedings of the 40th annual ATEE Conference. Glasgow 2015. Ch. 7. p. 83-94. ATEE - Association for Teacher Education in Europe.

Holt, John; Stokke, Kurt Einar (2015). Teaching literacy, numeracy and ICT to adults: the basic skills programme (BKA program) for workers in building construction (bricklayers, carpenters and foundation workers). Leite, Laurinda (Ed.). ATEE annual conference 2014 - Transitions in teacher education and Professional identities. Proceedings. Artikkel. p. 131-138. ATEE - Association for Teacher Education in Europe.

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