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John Erik Berg

John Erik Berg

Scientific publications

Heggebø, Kristian; Tøge, Anne Grete; Dahl, Espen; Berg, John Erik (2018). Socioeconomic inequalities in health during the Great Recession: A scoping review of the research literature. 20 p. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health .

Berg, John Erik (2018). Suicide prevention by agency, not an easy task. Annals of Depression and Anxiety. Vol. 5.

Berg, John Erik (2018). New treatments for catatonia not being part of schizophrenia - case report. MOJ Addiction Medicine & Therapy. Vol. 5.

Berg, John Erik (2017). Reluctance to change and end psychotherapy. Mental Illness . Vol. 9.

Berg, John Erik (2017). Psychometric testing of immigrants and natives in an acute psychiatric facility. Mental Illness . Vol. 9.

Berg, John Erik (2017). Late realized ADHD With severe social consequences. Juniper Online Journal of Case Studies. Vol. 4.

Skarpaas, Lisebet Skeie; Berg, John Erik; Ramvi, Ellen; Haveraaen, Lise; Aas, Randi Wågø (2017). Eksperters synspunkter på tilbudet til sykmeldte i Norge. Første runde av en delphi-studie. Ergoterapeuten . Vol. 60.

Berg, John Erik (2016). Comorbid dysmorphic disorder persists after successful electroconvulsive treatment for depression. Journal of case reports. Vol. 6.

Berg, John Erik (2016). Which suicides increase during the economic crisis? A commentary and a proposal. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology . Vol. 8.

Haveraaen, Lise; Skarpaas, Lisebet Skeie; Berg, John Erik; Aas, Randi Wågø (2016). Do psychological job demands, decision control and social support predict return to work three months after a return-to-work (RTW) programme? The rapid-RTW cohort study. Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation . Vol. 53.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete