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Kjartan Skogly Kversøy

Kjartan Skogly Kversøy


I work with guidance, development work and ethics. I have published books and articles about participation, career guidance, coaching, resolving interpersonal conflicts, practical ethics, peer-to-peer guidance, development work, action research, group learning and social entrepreneurship for people with an intellectual disability. In 2015, I won a prize at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applies Sciences for my work with developing INDIMICRO. This is an arena for people with an intellectual disability that actively want to participate in social entrepreneurship through microfinance. In 2007, I received an award together with my colleagues at the same institution for excellent teaching in the program for coaching and guidance. Participation and empowerment are keywords in all my work. My Ph.D. from 2015 was focused on participation and empowerment in education and research. I have a practical background as chef and also captain of passenger vessels.

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Scientific publications

Kversøy, Kjartan Skogly; Kellems, Ryan O.; Alhassan, Abdul-Razak Kuyini; Bussey, Heidi C.; Kversøy, Sofie Daae (2020). The emerging promise of touchscreen devices for individuals with intellectual disabilities. 10 p. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction . Vol. 4.

Kellems, Ryan; Charlton, Cade; Kversøy, Kjartan Skogly; Miklós, Gyori (2020). Exploring the Use of Virtual Characters (Avatars), Live Animation, and Augmented Reality to Teach Social Skills to Individuals with Autism. 11 p. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction . Vol. 4.

Kversøy, Kjartan Skogly; Alhassan, Abdul-Razak Kuyini; Kversøy, Eva Daae; Kversøy, Sofie Daae (2019). How can people with intellectual disabilities use YouTube as an alternative search engine on the internet?. Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning. Vol. 8.

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