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Kristin Børte

Kristin Børte

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Scientific publications

Børte, Kristin; Nesje, Katrine; Lillejord, Sølvi (2020). Barriers to student active learning in higher education. Teaching in Higher Education .

Lillejord, Sølvi; Børte, Kristin (2019). Middle leaders and the teaching profession: building intelligent accountability from within. Journal of educational change .

Lillejord, Sølvi; Børte, Kristin (2019). Trapped Between accountability and professional learning? School leaders and teacher evaluation. Professional Development in Education .

Lillejord, Sølvi; Børte, Kristin (2016). Partnership in teacher education - a research mapping. European Journal of Teacher Education . Vol. 39.

Børte, Kristin; Ludvigsen, Sten Runar; Mørch, Anders Irving (2012). The role of social interaction in software effort estimation: Unpacking the "magic step" between reasoning and decision-making. Information and Software Technology . Vol. 54.

Børte, Kristin; Nerland, Monika (2010). Software effort estimation as collective accomplishment: An analysis of estimation practice in a multi-specialist team. Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (SJIS) . Vol. 22.

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