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Lars Klintwall

Lars Klintwall

Scientific publications

HANSEN-LARSON, Johan; Bejøn, Hampus; Jagerskogh, Elin; Eikeseth, Svein ; Klintwall, Lars (2021). TRAS: Validity and sensitivity of a language assessment tool for children with ASD. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. Vol. 62.

Smith, Dean; Hayward, Diane W.; Gale, Catherine; Eikeseth, Svein ; Klintwall, Lars (2019). Treatment Gains from Early and Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) are Maintained 10 Years Later. 20 p. Behavior Modification. Vol. 45.

Gale, Catherine; Eikeseth, Svein ; Klintwall, Lars (2019). Children with Autism show Atypical Preference for Non-social Stimuli. Scientific Reports. Vol. 9.

Långh, Ulrika; Hammar, Martin; Klintwall, Lars ; Bölte, Sven (2017). Allegiance and knowledge levels of professionals working with early intensive behavioural intervention in autism. Early Intervention in Psychiatry. Vol. 11.

Høium, Kari ; Klintwall, Lars ; Lunde, Gerd Hilde (2015). The effects of reflective counseling on learning outcomes for undergraduate students in social education. UNIPED. Vol. 38.

Eikeseth, Svein ; Klintwall, Lars ; Hayward, Diane; Gale, Catherine (2015). Stress in parents of children with autism participating in early and intensive behavioral intervention. 8 p. European Journal of Behavior Analysis (EJOBA). Vol. 16.

Klintwall, Lars ; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Eikeseth, Svein (2015). Narrowing the gap: Effects of intervention on developmental trajectories in autism. Autism. Vol. 19.

Klintwall, Lars ; Macari, Suzanne; Eikeseth, Svein ; Chawarska, Katarzyna (2014). Interest level in 2-year-olds with autism spectrum disorder predicts rate of verbal, nonverbal, and adaptive skill acquisition. 9 p. Autism.

Eikeseth, Svein ; Smith, Dean, P.; Klintwall, Lars (2014). Discrete Trial Teaching and Discrimination Training. Tarbox, J; Dixon, D. R.; Sturmey, Peter; Matson, J. L. (Ed.). Handbook of Early Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders. p. 229-253. Springer Publishing Company.

Klintwall, Lars ; Berggren, Rasmus (2014). Att balansera på eggen av Ockhams rakkniv: om hypotetiska konstrukt i Svartdal (2014). Norsk Tidsskrift for Atferdsanalyse (NTA). Vol. 41.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete