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Ida Bring Løberg

Ida Bring Løberg

Scientific publications

Løberg, Ida Bring (2020). Efficiency through digitalization? How electronic communication between frontline workers and clients can spur a demand for services. Government Information Quarterly: an international journal of information technology management, policies, and practices .

Breit, Eric Martin Alexander; Egeland, Cathrine; Løberg, Ida Bring; Røhnebæk, Maria (2020). Digital coping: How frontline workers cope with digital service encounters. Social Policy & Administration .

Breit, Eric; Egeland, Cathrine; Løberg, Ida Bring (2019). Cyborg bureaucracy: Frontline work in digitalized labor and welfare services. Pedersen, John S.; Wilkinson, Adrian (Ed.). Big Data: Promise, Application and Pitfalls. Kapittel 8. Edward Elgar Publishing.

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