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Magda Osmolska

Magda Osmolska

Scientific publications

Osmolska, Magdalena Jadwiga; Hornbostel, Karla; Kanstad, Terje; Hendriks, Max; Markeset, Gro (2020). Inspection and assessment of corrosion in pretensioned concrete bridge girders exposed to coastal climate. Infrastructures . Vol. 5.

Paciorek, Magdalena Jadwiga; Kanstad, Terje; Hendriks, Max; Hornbostel, Karla; Markeset, Gro (2019). Durability of pretensioned concrete girders in coastal climate bridges: Basis for better maintenance and future design. Structural Concrete . Vol. 20.

Paciorek, Magda; Kanstad, Terje; Hendriks, Max; Kioumarsi, Mahdi; Markeset, Gro (2017). The effect of reinforcement corrosion on the structural behaviour of prestressed bridges in the Norwegian coastal regions. Tange Hasholt, Marianne (Ed.). NORDIC CONCRETE RESEARCH. Proceedings of the XXIII Nordic Concrete Research Symposium. Session B3. p. 259-262.

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