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Marita Andreassen

Marita Andreassen

Scientific publications

Grønlien, Heidi Kristine; Christoffersen, Trine Eker; Ringstad, Øystein; Andreassen, Marita; Lugo, Ricardo Gregorio (2021). A blended learning teaching strategy strengthens the nursing students’ performance and self-reported learning outcome achievement in an anatomy, physiology and biochemistry course: A quasi-experimental study. Nurse Education in Practice . Vol. 52.

Ask, Thorvald Fossåen; Ranjitkar, Suman; Ulak, Manjeswori; Chandyo, Ram Krishna; Hysing, Mari; Strand, Tor A; Kvestad, Ingrid; Shrestha, Laxman; Andreassen, Marita; Lugo, Ricardo Gregorio; Shilpakar, JS; Shrestha, Merina; Sütterlin, Stefan (2019). The association between heart rate variability and neurocognitive and socio-emotional development in nepalese infants. Frontiers in Neuroscience . Vol. 13.

Poless, Pauline Georgees; Torstveit, Linda; Lugo, Ricardo; Andreassen, Marita; Sütterlin, Stefan (2018). Guilt and proneness to shame: Unethical behaviour in vulnerable and grandiose narcissism. Europe's Journal of Psychology . Vol. 14.

Pedersen, Siv Kristin Aas; Andersen, Per Normann; Lugo, Ricardo; Andreassen, Marita; Sütterlin, Stefan (2017). Effects of music on agitation in dementia: A meta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychology . Vol. 8.

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