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Marit Lobben

Marit Lobben

Scientific publications

Lobben, Marit; Bochynska, Agata; Tanggaard, Stine; Laeng, Bruno (2020). Classifiers in non-European languages and semantic impairments in western neurological patients have a common cognitive structure. 31 p. Lingua . Vol. 244C.

Asano, Rie; Bornus, Pia; Craft, Justin T.; Dolscheid, Sarah; Faber, Sarah E. M.; Haase, Viviana; Heimerich, Marvin; Kopparti, Radha; Lobben, Marit; Osawa, Ayumi M.; Oudyk, Kendra; Trettenbrein, Patrick C.; Varelmann, Timo; Wehrle, Simon; Ya, Runa; Grice, Martine; Vogeley, Kai (2018). Spring School on Language, Music, and Cognition: Organizing Events in Time. Music & Science . Vol. 1.

Lobben, Marit; Bochynska, Agata (2018). Grounding by Attention Simulation in Peripersonal Space: Pupils Dilate to Pinch Grip But Not Big Size Nominal Classifier. Cognitive Science . Vol. 42.

Lobben, Marit; D’Ascenzo, Stefania (2015). Grounding grammatical categories: attention bias in hand space influences grammaticality judgment of Chinese nominal classifiers. Frontiers in Psychology . Vol. 6.

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