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Mehmet Sencer Corlu

Mehmet Sencer Corlu


M. Sencer Corlu, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), is a professor of mathematics education at Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway. Dr. Corlu has been the director of the BAUSTEM Center at Bahçeşehir University in Turkey since 2016. 

Dr. Corlu has worked on mathematics teacher education, STEM Education, and international schools. He is the principal investigator of the externally-funded STEM: Integrated Teaching Project ( His K12 teaching experiences include working as a school teacher in Africa and Europe, teaching middle and high school mathematics, science, and technology.

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Mesutoğlu, Canan; Corlu, M. Sencer (2023). The earlySTEM program: An evaluation through teacher perceptions. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education .

Yabas, Defne; Örene, Batın; Corlu, M. Sencer (2022). Exploring the statistical practices in classroom: STEM teachers’ experiences using dynamic data analysis technology. Hodgen, Jeremy; Geraniou, Eirini; Bolondi, Giorgio; Feretti, Federica; Ferretti, Federica (Ed.). Proceedings of the Twelfth Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Education (CERME12). Proceedings. European Society for Research in Mathematics Education.

Yabas, Defne; Kurutas, Busra Sumeyye; Corlu, M. Sencer (2022). Empowering girls in STEM: Impact of the girls meet science project. School Science and Mathematics . Vol. 122.

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