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Rannveig Svendby

Rannveig Svendby


I hold a Ph.D. in medical anthropology and work interdisciplinary as a qualitative researcher within a critical, reflexive research tradition. My research methods include participant observation, interviews, and autoethnography. The main goal of my research is to produce knowledge of phenomena that in turn may be used to inform practice. I am particularly interested in narratives, personal experiences and life stories as approaches to produce new knowledge.

Currently, I run the research project «Inclusive teaching in higher education». This is a qualitative study of lecturers’ experiences of teaching disabled students in Norwegian institutions of higher education. The overall aim of the study is to contribute to make higher education accessible to a larger and more diverse student population.

In addition to inclusive teaching, my subjects of study include disabilities, difference, equality, qualitative methods and methodology, and gendered practices in a cultural perspective. I have special knowledge of masculinities and the life experiences of men. Also, these are amongst the subjects I have taught at the University of Oslo.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Health sciences   Women's and gender studies   Social anthropology

Subject areas

Gender and Gender studies   Men and masculinities   Critical Disability Studies   Qualitative research methods



Scientific publications

Svendby, Rannveig (2021). Learning by doing it wrong: an autoethnography inviting critical reflection of lecturers' disability awareness. Teaching in Higher Education .

Svendby, Rannveig (2020). Lecturers’ Teaching Experiences with Invisibly Disabled Students in Higher Education: Connecting and Aiming at Inclusion. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research . Vol. 22.

Svendby, Rannveig (2020). Fagansattes erfaringer med å undervise studenter med funksjonsnedsettelser: underviserrollens potensial for å øke tilgangen til høyere utdanning. UNIPED . Vol. 43.

Svendby, Rannveig; Lilleaas, Ulla-Britt (2019). Change and Continuation: Masculinity, Driving, and Disability in the Lives of “Young Problem Drivers” in the Aftermath of Severe Road Traffic Accidents. NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research . Vol. 27.

Svendby, Rannveig; Romsland, Grace Inga; Moen, Kåre (2018). Non-disabled ableism: An autoethnography of cultural encounters between a non-disabled researcher and disabled people in the field. Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research . Vol. 20.

Svendby, Rannveig; Romsland, Grace Inga; Moen, Kåre (2017). The language of percentages: Ranking Bodies, Shaping Realities, and Limiting Opportunities. Disability and Rehabilitation . Vol. 41.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete