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Ragnhild Gulestø

Ragnhild Gulestø

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Nursing science

Subject areas

Qualitative methodologies   Minority health studies   Dementia care   Inclusion and exclusion of miorities   Next of kin research

Scientific publications

Gulestø, Ragnhild; Lillekroken, Daniela; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Bjørge, Heidi (2023). Different senses of one’s place: Exploring social adjustment to home-based care services among family caregivers from minority ethnic backgrounds who have relatives living with dementia. 19 p. Dementia .

Gulestø, Ragnhild; Lillekroken, Daniela; Bjørge, Heidi; Halvorsrud, Liv (2021). Interactions between healthcare personnel and family caregivers of people with dementia from minority ethnic backgrounds in home-based care—An explorative qualitative study. Journal of Advanced Nursing . Vol. 78.

Lillekroken, Daniela; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Gulestø, Ragnhild; Bjørge, Heidi (2021). Family caregivers’ experiences of providing care for family members from minority ethnic groups living with dementia: A qualitative systematic review. 17 p. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) .

Gulestø, Ragnhild; Halvorsrud, Liv Torill; Bjørge, Heidi; Lillekroken, Daniela (2020). ‘The desire for a harmonious interaction’: A qualitative study of how healthcare professionals in community‐based dementia teams perceive their role in reaching and supporting family caregivers from minority ethnic backgrounds. Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) . Vol. 31.

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