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Semih Gonen

Semih Gonen

Scientific publications

Erduran, Emrah; Nordli, Cristian; Gonen, Semih (2022). Effect of Elastomeric Bearing Stiffness on the Dynamic Response of Railway Bridges Considering Vehicle–Bridge Interaction. Applied Sciences . Vol. 12.

Pulatsu, Bora; Gonen, Semih; Parisi, Fulvio; Erdogmus, Ece; Tuncay, Kagan; Funari, Marco Francesco; Lourenço, Paulo B. (2022). Probabilistic approach to assess URM walls with openings using discrete rigid block analysis (D-RBA). Journal of Building Engineering . Vol. 61.

Pulatsu, Bora; Gonen, Semih; Lourenco, Paulo B.; Lemos, José V.; Hazzard, Jim (2022). Computational investigations on the combined shear–torsion–bending behavior of dry-joint masonry using DEM. Computational Particle Mechanics.

Erduran, Emrah; Gonen, Semih; Al-Kanany, Aya Mohammed (2022). Parametric analysis of the dynamic response of railway bridges due to vibrations induced by heavy-haul trains. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering .

Gonen, Semih; Pulatsu, Bora; Erdogmus, Ece; Lourenco, Paulo B.; Soyoz, Serdar (2022). Effects of spatial variability and correlation in stochastic discontinuum analysis of unreinforced masonry walls. Construction and Building Materials . Vol. 337.

Pulatsu, Bora; Gonen, Semih; Lourenço, Paulo B. (2021). Static and impact response of a single-span stone masonry arch. Infrastructures . Vol. 6.

Pulatsu, Bora; Gonen, Semih; Erdogmus, Ece; Lourenco, Paulo B.; Lemos, José V.; Prakash, Ravi (2021). In-plane structural performance of dry-joint stone masonry Walls: A spatial and non-spatial stochastic discontinuum analysis. 16 p. Engineering structures . Vol. 242.

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