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Solveig Steien

Solveig Steien

Scientific publications

Steien, Solveig (2017). The Relationship between Press Freedom and Corruption. Frey, Elsebeth; Rhaman, Mofizur; El Bour, Hamida (Ed.). Negotiating Journalism. Core Values and Cultural Diversities. Chapter 5. p. 65-76. Nordicom.

Rahman, Golam; Frey, Elsebeth; El Bour, Hamida; Knudsen, Anders Graver; Rhaman, Mofizur; Steien, Solveig; Yacoub, Taoufik (2017). Core Values of Journalism among Students in Bangladesh, Norway and Tunisia: A Comparative Study. Daffodil Journal of Humanities & Social Science . Vol. 4.

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