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Stig Tore Bogstrand

Stig Tore Bogstrand

Scientific publications

Jørgenrud, Benedicte Marie; Bråthen, Camilla Christin; Steinson Stenehjem, Jo; Kristiansen, Thomas; Rosseland, Leiv Arne; Bogstrand, Stig Tore (2024). Identifying excessive chronic alcohol use with phosphatidylethanol in patients with suspected severe injury-results from the IDART study. Alcohol and Alcoholism. Vol. 59.

Gjerde, Hallvard; Bogstrand, Stig Tore ; Jamt, Ragnhild Elén Gjulem; Vindenes, Vigdis (2023). Crash-involved THC-positive drivers in Norway have a high frequency of polysubstance use. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Vol. 244.

Jamt, Ragnhild Elén Gjulem; Bukten, Anne; Stavseth, Marianne Riksheim; Bogstrand, Stig Tore ; Tverborgvik, Torill (2023). All-cause and cause-specific mortality among individuals imprisoned for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in Norway (2000–2016): a retrospective cohort study. BMJ Open. Vol. 13.

Wilson, Thomas; Wisborg, Torben; Vindenes, Vigdis; Jamt, Ragnhild Elén Gjulem; Bogstrand, Stig Tore (2023). Psychoactive substances and previous hospital admissions, triage and length of stay in rural injuries: a prospective observational study. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine. Vol. 31.

Bråthen, Camilla Christin; Jørgenrud, Benedicte Marie; Bogstrand, Stig Tore ; Gjerde, Hallvard; Rosseland, Leiv Arne; Kristiansen, Thomas (2023). Prevalence of use and impairment from drugs and alcohol among trauma patients: A national prospective observational study. 9 p. Injury. Vol. 54.

Jamt, Ragnhild Elén Gjulem; Edvardsen, Hilde Marie Erøy; Middelkoop, Gerrit; Allevik, Anna S.K; Bogstrand, Stig Tore ; Vevelstad, Merete; Vindenes, Vigdis (2022). Dødsfall assosiert med MDMA i perioden 2000–19. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening. Vol. 142.

Edvardsen, Hilde Marie Erøy; Aamodt, Carl Magnus Falla; Bogstrand, Stig Tore ; Krajci, Peter; Vindenes, Vigdis; Rognli, Eline B. (2022). Concentrations of psychoactive substances in blood samples from non-fatal and fatal opioid overdoses. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Vol. 88.

Årving, Alexander Braadving; Hilberg, Thor; Sovershaev, Michael; Bogstrand, Stig Tore ; Høiseth, Gudrun (2022). Falsely low phosphatidylethanol may be associated with biomarkers of haemolytic disease. Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology.

Bye, Elin Kristin; Bogstrand, Stig Tore ; Rossow, Ingeborg Margrete (2021). The importance of alcohol in elderly’s hospital admissions for fall injuries: a population case-control study. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (NAD).

Kabashi, Saranda; Gamboa, Danil; Vindenes, Vigdis; Berg, Thomas; Hilberg, Thor Arthur; Jørgenrud, Benedicte Marie; Lerdal, Anners; Bogstrand, Stig Tore (2021). Multimorbidity, psychoactive substance use and psychological distress among acute medically ill patients: A cross-sectional study. 8 p. BMJ Open. Vol. 11.

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