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Tonje Tomine Seland Strat

Tonje Tomine Seland Strat


I am a PhD-candidate who conducts research on inquiry-based science education (IBSE) in teacher education. The duration of the project is from 2019 to 2023, and my focus is on how IBSE is implemented in science teacher education in a local, national and global perspective. The project is part of the NFR-project TRELIS (Teachers’ Research Literacy for Science teaching).

In my work as a PhD-candidate, I have teaching obligations as well. I teach biology, education for sustainable development (ESD) and chemistry. I have a master's degree in biology didactics from NTNU, and 9 years of work experience from upper secondary school, where I taught the subjects general science, chemistry and biology.

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Scientific publications

Strat, Tonje Tomine Seland ; Henriksen, Ellen Karoline ; Jegstad, Kirsti Marie (2023). Inquiry-based science education in science teacher education: a systematic review. 58 p. Studies in science education.

Strat, Tonje Tomine Seland ; Jegstad, Kirsti Marie (2022). Norwegian Teacher Educators’ Reflections on Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning in Science Teacher Education. 22 p. Journal of Science Teacher Education.

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