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Torbjørn Gundersen

Torbjørn Gundersen

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Research ethics   Professional ethics   Philosophy of science

Scientific publications

Gundersen, Torbjørn (2023). Trustworthy Science Advice: The Case of Policy Recommendations. 19 p. Res Publica .

Bærøe, Kristine; Gundersen, Torbjørn (2023). Trustworthy Bioethicists within Lifecycles of Artificial Intelligence in Health. El Morr, Christo (Ed.). AI and Society: Tensions and Opportunities. Kapittel. p. p.249--264.

Gundersen, Torbjørn; Holst, Cathrine (2022). Science Advice in an Environment of Trust: Trusted, but Not Trustworthy?. Social Epistemology . Vol. 36.

Gundersen, Torbjørn; Bærøe, Kristine (2022). The Future Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Making Sense of Collaborative Models. Science and Engineering Ethics . Vol. 28.

Bærøe, Kristine; Gundersen, Torbjørn; Henden, Edmund; Rommetveit, Kjetil (2022). Can medical algorithms be fair? Three ethical quandaries and one dilemma. BMJ Health & Care Informatics . Vol. 29.

Gundersen, Torbjørn; Alinejad, Donya; Branch-Smith, Teresa; Duffy, Bobby; Hewlett, Kirstie; Holst, Cathrine; Owens, Susan E.; Panizza, Folco; Tellmann, Silje Maria; van Dijck, José; Baghramian, Maria (2022). A New Dark Age? Truth, Trust, and Environmental Science. Annual Review Environment and Resources . Vol. 47.

Gundersen, Torbjørn (2021). Values in expert reasoning: A pragmatic approach. Eriksen, Erik Oddvar (Ed.). The Accountability of Expertise: Making the Un-Elected Safe for Democracy. Kapittel 9. p. 155-172. Routledge.

Gundersen, Torbjørn (2020). Value-Free yet Policy-Relevant? The Normative Views of Climate Scientists and Their Bearing on Philosophy. Perspectives on Science . Vol. 28.

Bærøe, Kristine; Gundersen, Torbjørn (2019). Social impact under severe uncertainty: The role of neuroethicists at the intersection of neuroscience, AI, ethics, and policy-making. AJOB Neuroscience . Vol. 10.

Gundersen, Torbjørn (2018). Scientists as experts: A distinct role?. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science . Vol. 69.

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