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Knut Jørgen Vie

Knut Jørgen Vie

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Ethics   Philosophy

Subject areas

Ethics   Research ethics   Corruption   Philosophy   Corporate Social Responsibility   Integritet   Moral psychology

Scientific publications

Vie, Knut Jørgen (2020). How should researchers cope with the ethical demands of discovering research misconduct? Going beyond reporting and whistleblowing. Life Sciences, Society and Policy .

Forsberg, Ellen-Marie; Anthun, Frank Otto; Bailey, Sharon; Birchley, Giles; Bout, Henriette; Casonato, Carlo; Fuster, Gloria González; Heinrichs, Bert; Horbach, Serge; Jacobsen, Ingrid; Janssen, Jacques; Kaiser, Matthias; Lerouge, Inge; van der Meulen, Barend; Sarah de Rijcke, Sarah; Saretzki, Thomas; Sutrop, Margit; Tazewell, Marta; Varantola, Krista; Vie, Knut Jørgen; Zwart, Hub; Zöller, Mira (2018). Working with research integrity—Guidance for research performing organisations: The Bonn PRINTEGER Statement. Science and Engineering Ethics .

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