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Viggo Nordvik

Viggo Nordvik


Nordvik holds a PhD in economics. He has published broadly in the narrow field of housing economics. The research activities very often adresses questions at the intercept between housing economics, housing and social policy. More specifically topics as different aspects of the housing allowance system, spatial variation in house prices and the housing conditions of vulnerable households should be mentioned. Another important field in Nordviks research is urban dynamics: e.g. segregation and sorting over the urban landscape.

On these topics Nordvik has published in e.g. Journal of Housing Economics; Housing Studies; Urban Studies; Housing, Theory and Society and Regional Science and Urban Economics.

Nordvik has been a member of the Governmental Commitee assessing the Housing policy in Norway, he is a member of the Research Approval Commitee of the Urban Big Data Centre at the University of Glasgow. From 2017 he will lead the project: Disadvantaged at the Housing market: effects of ..

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Housing market   Housing   Social Politics   Urban studies   Neighbourhood   Demographic change   Effects of housing interventions

Research projects

Scientific publications

Nordvik, Viggo; Magnusson Turner, Lena; Friedrichs, Jürgen (2020). Neighbourhood Poverty and Individual Earnings: Tales of Two (Norwegian) Cities. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie. Vol. 111.

Sørvoll, Jardar; Nordvik, Viggo; Magnusson Turner, Lena (2020). Bostedssegregasjon og politiske strategier. Erfaringer fra Norge og Oslo. Samfundsøkonomen . Vol. 38.

Sugahara, Gustavo; Nordvik, Viggo (2020). Knitting alone – in the city – ageing and kinship availability as a vulnerability marker. Nordic Social Work Research .

Sørvoll, Jardar; Nordvik, Viggo (2019). Social Citizenship, Inequality and Homeownership. Postwar Perspectives from the North of Europe. Social Policy and Society .

Nordvik, Viggo; Osland, Liv; Thorsen, Inge Heldal; Thorsen, Ingrid Sandvig (2019). Capitalization of neighbourhood diversity and segregation. Environment and planning A . Vol. 51.

Nordvik, Viggo; Galster, George (2019). Neighborhood variation in early adult educational outcomes: The case of Norway. Die Erde . Vol. 150.

Nordvik, Viggo; Magnusson Turner, Lena; Friedrichs, Jürgen (2019). Neighbourhood Poverty And Individual Earnings: Tales Of Two (Norwegian) Cities. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie.

Nordvik, Viggo (2018). En egen boligpolitikk for eldre? En normativ analyse. Tidsskrift for boligforskning . Vol. 1.

Nordvik, Viggo; Hedman, Lina (2018). Neighbourhood attainment of children of immigrants in Greater Oslo: Intergenerational inertia and the role of education. 10 p. Population, Space and Place .

Wessel, Terje; Nordvik, Viggo (2018). Mixed neighbourhoods and native out-mobility in the Oslo region: the importance of parenthood. 21 p. Urban Studies .

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