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Afghan women protesting in the street. Photo by Afshin Ismaeli.

Afghanistan – no country for journalists?

A new report on Afghan media development after the Taliban takeover is being launched at OsloMet.

After Taliban’s takeover in Kabul 15. August 2021, thousands of journalists have lost their jobs, and many have left the country. Together with considerable economic problems, censorship, abuse and restrictions lead to scores of media being closed down.

The report is based on analysis of media content from six Afghan outlets, as well as interviews with prominent media leaders, and journalists still working inside Afghanistan. It is to our knowledge the most comprehensive report on this issue so far. 


The event will be addressed by: 

The report will be presented by:

Team members Mahmud Farjami, postdoc fellow at OsloMet and Abdul Mujeeb Khalvatgar, Director of Nai-SOMA, a media watchdog in Afghanistan, could not be present at the occasion. 

The presentation is followed by comments from:

Then: responses from the authors and questions from the audience.

The event will be streamed

The event will be streamed for those who cannot attend physically. A link to the stream will be made available soon.

Photos for the event page are provided by Afshin Ismaeli.

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