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Portrait photo of Nancy Fraser outside in front of a river.

The Anna Sethne Honorary Lecture 2023: Nancy Fraser: Crisis of Care, Crisis of Climate – Crisis of Cannibal Capitalism

This years guest lecture will be held by Nancy Fraser, Professor of Philosophy and Politics at the New School for Social Research and acclaimed feminist thinker.

The Anna Sethne Honorary Lecture is an annual guest lecture at the Faculty of Education and International Studies.

The 2023 guest lecture will be held by Nancy Fraser.

The lecture will be streamed live to the student hall in Pilestredet 52.

Nancy Fraser is an influential american philosopher and feminist born in 1947. She does research on social, political and feminist theory. Fraser is known for her integrated theory of justice. According to Fraser, justice is comprised of equal opportunities for participation along the three axes of economy, culture and politics. She has been critical of basing feminist thought too much on identity politics, which in Fraser's opinion diverts attention from the pressing issue of economic inequality. 

Fraser sees a "crisis of care" underlying current economic and ecological crises.

Her general criticism of neoliberal capitalism, inequality and injustice is also applicable to the field of education. Several researchers have shed light on the themes of school and research using Fraser's theoretical perspectives, for example in Nancy Fraser, Social Justice and Education (2020) (

Fraser is a recipient of many rewards for her academic work, including the Alfred Schutz Prize in Social Philosophy from the American Philosophical Association in 2010. From 2014-2017 she was a guest professor at the Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo.


The event is free and open to all. Please register via the yellow button above.

Deadline for registration: 10 January 2023.


Changes may occur.

The event will be interpreted in sign language.

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The Anna Sethne Honorary Lecture

The Anna Sethne Honorary Lecture is an annual guest lecture intended to inspire the integration of education and research with an emphasis on diversity, sustainability and interdisciplinary aspects.

Portrait of Anna Sethne in two different colours

Photo of Nancy Fraser: Marvin Ester.

  • Programme committee 2023

    • Kim Gunnar Helsvig, Professor at the Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education (head)
    • Geir Aaserud, Head of Studies at the Department of Early Childhood Education 
    • Roger Bakken, Associate Professor at the Department of Vocational Teacher Education
    • Marit Lunde, Head of Section at the National Centre for Multicultural Education
    • Anne Waldrop, Professor at the Department of International Studies and Interpreting

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