CEDIC Talks: Digital welfare states or systems of digital inequality?

We invite you to join the lecture by social policy professor Minna van Gerven from Tampere University on inequality and marginalization in digital welfare states.

Digitalization, artificial intelligence, and new technologies have become central in how European welfare states evolve and the way they are governed. These technologies can open new horizons to meet existing social risks and make the administration faster and more cost-efficient. Yet, technological change can strengthen old divides and stir conflicts: technologies may extend the divides between different groups in society and give a rise to new societal problems by marginalizing groups of people.

CEDIC Talks aim to broaden our knowledge and awareness about ongoing research in Europe about digitalization processes and their social consequences. In this lecture, the social policy professor Minna van Gerven from Tampere University will discuss technological change as a modernization process of welfare states that may foster inequalities. She will draw attention to the politics and policies of digital welfare states in Finland and to the way the digitalization of welfare systems may uphold both visible and invisible inequalities.

Who is Minna van Gerven?

Minna van Gerven is professor in social policy at Tampere University. She has held various positions at various European universities, including University of Helsinki, University of Twente, University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on comparative social policy and welfare states, digitalization, and social security. Her work has recently been published in various international journals and publishing houses.

How do I join?

The 30-45 minutes lecture will be held in English and followed by a Q&A. After registering through the register form, we will send you a link to join the online lecture some hours before it starts. 

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