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ChatGPT in the health sector?

ChatGPT is the most famous example of large language models. An artificial intelligence tool specialised in understanding and generating natural language, which has great potential in many industries. Welcome to the Intelligent Health breakfast seminar.

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The Norwegian government's billion-kroner investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is much discussed, precisely because AI has great potential in many industries, including the health sector.

The technology, especially large language models, can contribute to solutions related to challenges that arise with an ageing population, increased incidence of chronic diseases and lack of resources in the health sector.

Large language models in the health sector provide opportunities for improvements, for example in medical image analysis, record systems and patient registers. It is only the beginning, and the first examples show a promising development.

We need the right technology, at the right time and in the right place, which is only possible with interdisciplinary collaboration. That is why Intelligent Health invites you to a breakfast seminar to gain new insights and discuss the topic across disciplines.


09:30-10:05: Introduction to chatGPT in the healthsector

10:05-10:30: Examples from private sector 

10:45-11:20: Examples from public sector

11:20-12:00: Panel discussion

Panel discussion with moderator Carl Christian Thodesen, Vice President for Social Impact and Innovation at OsloMet.

In the panel: 

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