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Closing conference for the PolkaNorski project

The online conference "Polish, Norwegian or both: attempts at large-scale studies on language and cognitive development. Findings and challenges" is a closing conference for the PolkaNorski project.

The conference aims to bring together researchers and professionals studying and working with linguistic and psycholinguistic aspects of the mono- and bilingual upbringing of Polish, Norwegian
and Polish-Norwegian children.

The PolkaNorski team will present the results of their five core studies and two external experts, Natalia Kartushina and Hanne Gram Simonsen, will discuss the results.

Natalia Kartushina will deliver keynote talk "Early language development in Norwegian infants" extending the results obtained by our project.

The conference will provide a virtual space for discussing relevant theoretical and practical issues.

Read more and register on the external web page for the conference (

See also the project web page: PolkaNorski - Polish and Norwegian language and world knowledge development in mono- and multilingual children.

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