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Understanding Data Journalism in Investigative Reporting in the Arab World

Saba Bebawi is a professor at the School of Communication. University of Technology Sydney.

Data-driven journalism is still somewhat new in the Arab world, and despite some promising initiatives, there are a few obstacles that Arab journalism faces in this transitional period to data journalism. This presentation will discuss two of these challenges: the first is traditional practices of Arab reporting that can be described as emotive in nature, and the second is the lack of data and access to information.

Nonetheless reporters, and particularly investigative journalists in the region, are working towards addressing these two challenges especially through the training of the next generation of journalists.

See Bebawi's research fellow profile for more information on her presentation. 

This event is a focus seminar presented by the the Digital Journalism Research Group. 

  • Bio

    Saba Bebawi is a journalism and media researcher who has published on media power and the role of media in democracy-building, in addition to investigative journalism in conflict and post-conflict regions.

    She is author of Media Power and Global Television News: The role of Al Jazeera English (2016), Investigative Journalism in the Arab World: Issues and Challenges (2016), and co-author with Mark Evans on The Future Foreign Correspondent (2019), in addition to co-editor of Social Media and the Politics of Reportage:The 'Arab Spring' (2014). She holds a PhD in International News from the University of Melbourne, an MA research in Media Policy from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and an MA in Communications from Monash University in Australia. Bebawi has worked as a journalist since 1995.

    Bebawi was a broadcaster/producer for Radio Jordan English service for four years, and also worked on a contract basis for CNN, World New Events (USA), and Dubai TV. She is a media development and policy consultant, in addition to being a media trainer.

    She was a scholarly fellow at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy (June-July 2017); and visiting fellow at the Middle East Institute (MEI) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), (July 2016).

    Currently she is on an Australian Research Council (ARC) DECRA fellow (2018-2020) for a project on 'Developing an Arab Culture of Investigative Journalism'. She is also Chief Investigator of an ARC Discovery Project (2018-2020) with the University of Sydney and Helsinki, on a project titled ‘Media Pluralism and Online News’.

    She is project director for the Foreign Correspondent Study Tour (FCST), funded by the Australian government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), and the New Colombo Plan (NCP) mobility grants.