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En svart tegnet Oslo skyline mot en grønn himmel med nordlys.

Drama Boreale in Oslo 2023

Nordic network of drama and theatre education conference.

Welcome to Drama Boreale 2023 in Oslo, Norway!  An important professional and social meeting place for professionals within drama – and theatre education from all over the Nordic region. Set aside the dates 7th - 9th of  August 2023, and submit your entry by 24th of February 2023.

Oslo Metropolitan University, Department of Art, Design, and Drama is hosting this year Drama Boreale. The conference will take place at Campus Pilestredet, in the centre of Oslo. Some social events will take place elsewhere in the city. The conference will be arranged in cooperation with NLA Høgskolen, UiS, NTNU and Drama og teaterpedagogene.

With inspiration from Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai,  we want to present courageous voices, and appeal to the diversity of opinion:

'Some people only ask others to do something. I believe that, why should I wait for someone else? Why don’t I take a step and move forward?'

The program for the conference and a link to the registration form will be available soon.

Detailed program will be available as the conference approaches.  

Conference fee: NOK 2700. The fee covers lunches during the conference and the banquet, as well as the conference program and content. The deadline for registration for the conference is 1 June 2023.

  • Call for paper

    The conference aims at thematic diversity, and we want contributions on, for example, drama, health, empathy, vulnerability, democracy, sustainability, ecology, dramaturgy, in-depth learning, acting technique, movement, storytelling, performativity ...  
    Or maybe some “new” topics like gender, minority cultures and the like!

    Furthermore, the conference aims to embrace drama and theatre as part of the lifelong learning from childhood to old age. This involves a wide range of workshops, programmes, practice examples and practice narratives from kindergarten via school to the university sector, as well as arenas such as museums and libraries.

    In addition to research-based papers,  we particularly welcome artistic research among the contributions.  Furthermore, contributions "straight from practice" are considered as an important part of the conference like drama in museums, dissemination in libraries, programs in primary schools, and the like. To clarify this, we have chosen to divide the format of the contributions into the following categories, all of which are delivered in the form of an abstract of maximum 300 words with the following information:

    (Entries must be presented in one of the following languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, or English.)

    Academic paper

    Title, research question, theory, method, keywords, and references as well as name and who presents. 15 min. + 5 min. to questions.

    Performance lecture

    Title, research question, theory, method, keywords, and references as well as name and who presents. 15 min. + 5 min. to questions.

    Development/exploring through practice

    Title, description of topic / problem area, keywords, name and who presents. 15 min. + 5 min. to questions.


    Title, topic/problem area, contextualizing, keywords, name, technical needs, and the maximum number of participants. The workshop is happening in a black box with normal facilities, unless otherwise specified. 60 minutes.


    Drama Boreale in Oslo 2023 wishes to help with publication of contributions after the conference and will collaborate with DRAMA - nordisk dramapedagogisk journal.

    • Deadline for submissions 24th of February 2023
    • Deadline for feedback 13th of March 2023

    Submission is made via online form

    Questions regarding call can be directed to:

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    • Travel and staying in Oslo

      Travel in Oslo

      At Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) you have several ways to get into Oslo. Flytoget is the fastest. You could also take local train or Flybussen. If you are staying not too far away from OsloMet Metropolitan University, where the conference is located, taking Flytoget might be easier.

      Flytoget ( The end station is either Oslo S or Nationaltheatret – depending on where you are going to stay.

      Flybussen (
      Bus to OsloMet is called FB5. End station Holberg plass.

      You can also take a local train, and the same end stations as with Flytoget.

      Places to stay

      Here there are several options. These places are not too far away from OsloMet.

      The smarthotell (

      The closest hotels, but more expensive are the following:

      Other places with decent standard are:

    Questions regarding call can be directed to: 

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      Questions regarding the conference can be directed to:

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