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Economy and green prosperities

We are in a stage of transition from an economy based on growth to one that preserves natural resources and cultural traditions, while at the same time enables innovation. This situation challenges the way we are thinking and behaving - politically, professionally as well as privately.

The seminar will focus on these problems from various perspectives by renowned specialists in the field.

Kalle Moene is Professor at the Department of Economy, University of Oslo, and is a regular contributor in the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

Kate Fletcher is a fashion and sustainability pioneer and design activist. She is Research Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at University of the Arts London.

Kyle Devine is Associate Professor at The Department of musicology, University of Oslo. He has recently published the book Decomposed: The political Economy of Music.

Tale Skjølsvik is Professor and Vice Dean of Research and Innovation at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design, OsloMet. She is a specialist in circular economy.

The seminar is open to students and employees at OsloMet and as well as others.



Organizers: GrøntMet/GreenMet is a self-appointed group from various faculties at OsloMet, arranging semi-annual seminars on themes related to sustainability. The members are Vilde Haugrønning, Consumption Research Norway (SIFO) - Kristin Skare Orgeret, Department of Journalism and Media - Liv Merete Nielsen and Boel Christensen-Scheel, Department of Art, Design and Drama - and Astrid Skjerven, Department of Product Design (leader).