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Employer engagement and professionals in co-creation

In this extended-lunch seminar, you will meet Nicolette van Gestel and Johanna Gustafsson, who will share their research and experiences on two topics of high relevance to today’s discussions about public services and professionals.

Meet Nicolette van Gestel and Johanna Gustafsson, INTEGRATE’s international experts, in discussion with Norwegian researchers.

A light lunch is served to those who attend in person.

Watch the seminar on Zoom here (

Employer engagement in employment of disadvantaged groups

Increasingly activation policies and employment services turn towards the demand-side of the labour market – employers and workplaces.

Public services and professionals are faced with requirements of developing ways to approach the actors of the labour market and develop employer engagement in increasing the labour market participation of marginalised groups.

Johanna Gustafsson is a postdoctor in a Marie Sklodowska Curie Individual Fellowship at the Centre for the study of professions, Oslo Metropolitan University (

Johanna's main focus in research is vocational rehabilitation and working life for people with disabilities. Johanna has several national and international assignments and collaborations.

Since 2016, she is the Swedish expert in the Academic Network of Experts in Disability (ANED), which reports to the European Commission. 

Professionals in co-creation – learning from the EU Horizon 2022 project “Cogov”

European societies are facing a large number of ‘wicked’ and unruly problems and public services and professionals are caught in a cross-pressure between growing expectations from citizens and scarce public resources.

The projects core idea is to suggest that the desired wholescale renewal and redesign of public agencies can most usefully be seen through a post New Public Management strategic management prism.

Cogov has investigated the transformation of European public administrations into open, innovative and collaborative spaces. 

Nicolette van Gestel is professor at TIAS School for business and Society, Tilburg University (, and researcher in the Cogov project – Co-Production and Co-Governance: Strategic Management, Public Value and Co Creation in the Renewal of Public Agencies across Europe – with a particular focus on the role of professionals in these processes.


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