Archive photo from the National Library of Medicine (USA), dated 1918: A nurse with a face mask and advice to prevent influenza.

Fall webinar series covering pandemics from the Black Death to COVID-19

This fall you can take part in a series of webinars from the Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society concerning the societal aspects of pandemics, featuring top international researchers working on COVID-19, the 1918-20 "Spanish" influenza, Cholera and the 14th Century Black Death.

The Centre for Research on Pandemics & Society (PANSOC) has gathered an impressive line-up of researchers who will present their findings in a weekly webinar, every Thursday.

For detailed information about each webinar and information about how to attend via Zoom, please see PANSOC's webinar schedule overview (

As witnessed under COVID-19, pandemics are among the largest threats to the global health and economy. The core idea of PANSOC is that pandemics are and have always been more than just a medical problem.

Epidemiology and impact of pandemics have been profoundly shaped by socioeconomic status and ethnic background, thus affecting who falls ill, who dies, and who survives.