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Law and the production of water and climate injustices

Dr Birsha Ohdedar (University of Essex) will be speaking on Law and the production of water and climate injustices: Floods in the rivers of Eastern India. This open lecture is a part of Oslo Metropolitan University South Asia Seminar Series (Chapter 1: India).

The theme for Oslo Metropolitan University South Asia Seminar Series (Chapter 1: India) is Perceptions of Environment.

In the past few decades, several works on the environment have radically reshaped the ways in which we think of/and write about non-human or more-than-human worlds (Anna Tsing). The studies have brought a specific dimension of the environment to fore. First, it has taught us the entanglements of humans, their role in the changes and effects on the environment – namely, the era of Anthropocene. Second, it has dramatically shifted, if not changed, these anthropocentric perceptions of environment – allowing access to the multisensorial, multispecies world (Govindarajan). 

Oslo Metropolitan University South Asia Seminar therefore, is structured to host conversation by scholars whose works deal significantly with the environmental history, politics, law, governance and theory. The series specifically accommodates for changing nature of the landscape in the wake of Covid – foregrounding challenges to the study of the environment. It seeks to investigate new tools, methods, innovations, for instance, the implication on ethnographic research, as Pandian writes, “an environmental method, taking the uncertainty of the world as foundation for knowledge and ethics” (Pandian, 2020).

All invited. 

Digital information

The lecture starts at 16:00 in Zoom.

Zoom link to the lecture (oslomet.zoom.us).

Meeting ID: 684 9239 0391

Password: 331186


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