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Journalist filming with her mobile. Foto by Mihajlo Maricic.


The Digital Journalism Research Group (DJRG) invites you to their first online seminar this spring.

The invited speaker for this seminar is Taina Bucher, University of Oslo. 

DJRG Online Focus Seminar Series

In spring 2022 The Digital Journalism Research Group will organize online focus seminars on the first Tuesday of every month from February to May. The sessions will focus on platforms, disinformation and alternative news media. We extend our invitation to scholars around the world, who can register in advance for one or several of our online focus seminars by registering here. Please remember to be logged into your Zoom account when you attend the session. 

The invited speaker will present for approximately 40 minutes, and the talk is followed by questions and comments from DJRG members, DJRG fellows and other participants. Please use the Zoom chat to alert and briefly describe your comment/question, and we will turn to it in order of appearance. 

  • More about the seminars

    OsloMet Digital Journalism Research Group started organizing Focus Seminars in 2015, with invited guests. In 2018 we established our Focus Seminar Series, working in harmony with our DJRG Fellowship programme. Over 2018 to 2020 we had more than 30 distinguished scholars in digital journalism studies visiting us for a week, presenting their research on-site. We also featured several online focus seminar talks, and when the global pandemic rose, we shifted to an online focus seminar series. We have organized four to five sessions per semester, with a diverse mix of scholars, such as Claudia Mellado, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Natali Helberger, Tarleton Gillespie, Stephen D. Reese, Barbie Zelizer, Pablo J. Boczkowski and CW Anderson, to name a few.

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The Digital Journalism Research Group (DJRG) invites you to this online seminar.

Microphones standing in front of journalists. Photo by Mihajlo Maricic.
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Folded hands on a table next to microphones. Foto: Sandnes1970/Mostphotos.

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